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Monday, April 11, 2005

Free Disposable Email Account With RSS: PookMail

Here is the first disposable email account service anybody can use. From any computer and operating system.

Simple, free and fun-to-use, this online service is the perfect fit each time you would like to give out an email address but without using your own personal one.

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Called PookMail, the new online service is as minimalist and easy-to-use as 1-2-3.

You create a virtual email account that will expire within 24 hours, use the email to subscribe or receive an email from a new contact you don't trust, and then login to see the email contents received in your disposable Pookmail inbox.

After 24 hours everything goes "puff" and nothing is left of your exchanges.

But PookMail does even more.



The latest addition to this brand new service is that with any newly disposable email account created on PookMail you also get an RSS feed to monitor in real-time new incoming messages to your selected PookMail account(s).

This makes it possible to subscribe to services without surrendering your personal private email address and avoiding tons of unethical corporate junk email that the likes of YahooGroups still impose on their registered users.

As a matter of fact, good applications and uses for PookMail are multiple and range from signing-up to services without letting your privacy wide open to abuse, to maintaining multiple disposal accounts in absence of access to traditional email software.

Here is how to use PookMail:

a) When a site or untrusted service asks for your email address, just make up one in your head in the format and use it to obtain the info you need or to submit your request.
b) (Optional) Subscribe to the RSS feed that is exposed by logging in to your account at This way you need only to use an RSS reader such as web-based Bloglines, or a desktop one to monitor all incoming emails.

c) Let enough time go by so that the response email is received and then go to and login with the email name you have given out at point a). So on the home page of PookMail you can log in simply by typing "whatagreatnameIhavethoughtof".

d) See your received emails in a neatly organized inbox.

e) Let PookMail clean up automatically all emails received after 24 hours.

Cons: Tested the service multiple times and it does work. The only thing that left me perplexed is that for some unknown reason any email I send to Pookmail from this very PC, no matter what email tool/service I use, do not ever get to destination. When I use a different computer the problem disappears.

Any suggestions?

Other applications?

Readers' Comments    
2008-06-15 02:34:46


This is agerat service i use it for a while , but it looks it gets banned from almost sites :(

is there any similer service from another domain ?


2005-09-12 18:41:24


Also try out It has RSS feeds, is fast, clean, simple and has other features for fighting spam.

2005-04-11 21:34:05

Jonathan Aquino

The first?

How about It's got RSS feeds and an even simpler UI. I believe it started around a year ago.

2005-04-11 18:51:38

Geo Apps

Have you tried mailinator? Same thing without RSS feed, been around for a year or so ...

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