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Thursday, March 24, 2005

RSS Newsmastering Tool-Makers, Vendors, Providers, Specialists: Spotlight Yourself!

While I eagerly await the release of at least two ground-breaking tools in the coming weeks, that will provide much greater abilities to would-be creators of News and Information Radars (topic-specific information channels created by aggregating and filtering content from multiple sources), I am opening the doors to a new venue that I have created to keep would-be and existing RSS Newsmasters updated and informed on the many interesting new tools, services, techniques and ideas emerging weekly on this front.

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RSS Newsmastering is all about aggregating RSS-based content, filtering and deduplicating it to create automatic or semi-automatic topic-specific newsfeeds.

If you have been experimenting with this or similar approaches and you are a vendor, developer, product or marketing manager for an RSS-related company that works on products on services that are related to RSS creation, RSS aggregation and filtering, monetization, promotion, syndication, conversion to other formats, this new resource I have just created is for you to use. If your company does RSS post-processing work of any kind, including RSS customization, RSS tracking, RSS ad syndication, the spotlight on this resource should be all for you.



It is called The RSS NewsMaster Wiki and it is an open, public editable space, which requires no registration or login and which welcomes all vendors, developers, researchers and scholars to post there relevant resources, tools, services and products that can facilitate, expand, popularize the notions of newsmastering, curated news-making, intelligent aggregation and filtering or whatever else you may like to call this new emerging way of aggregating and re-publishing content, news and information.

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The output of this fascinating use of RSS is what I now call News Radars. By sytematicaly scanning the universe of web, news, and blog-based content, and extracting only those items that are relevant to your specific theme-topic, you can indeed create powerful information channels that can have vast number of applications.

I have provided only a few initial pointers there that represent my personal latest findings and recent contributions from readers and colleagues. Feel free to add and contribute your own.

A category "examples" lists, somewhat shily, a few examples of vertical news feeds created with the above philosophy and approach.

Spread the word. (Should Rafat find out or you think this isn't stuff to make money with?).

The RSS Newsmaster Wiki.


For those seeking to find all of the tools needed to create this type of output, while understanding the process and step-by-step approach required, The NewsMaster Toolkit is my personal mini-guide reporting all you need to know to start creating your News Radars now.

N.B.: The RSS NewsMaster Toolkit is available at a 50% discounted price when you buy Rok Hrastnik "Unleasing the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS". Find more information at

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Readers' Comments    
2005-03-26 14:06:54

Allan Burns

Even with the growing amount of resources that are made available I still findmost webmasters ignorant about RSS.

The idea of Wiki's to explain about RSS is a good idea but how many people even know what a wiki is let alone what RSS means.

If I may mention RSS Winterfest ( this is a similar resource that readers may find to be of use.

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