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Sharewood Picnic is the weekly collection of the most interesting new media tools and resources selected and reviewed by Robin Good and Livia Iacolare. Here our favorite new tools and services for this week: Web-based editor that allows you to create text documents and spreadsheets Make calls ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - October 15, 2006

Peer-to-peer networks are transforming the independent art distribution paradigm as well as the traditional creative landscape dominated so far by large commercial corporations. The floodgates have opened. Hard copy media – CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspapers – are going the way of the dinosaurs. Just ask Tower ... read more

Michael Pick - October 13, 2006

Web 2.0 is reshaping the media and business landscape to an extent unimaginable even a year ago. At the very center of this shift in how media is produced and consumed and in how businesses function, is the increased importance of community, collaboration and participatory, networked ... read more

Michael Pick and Robin Good - October 11, 2006

"There's a new kid on the block of independent film-making, and it's offering everyone who wants to try the chance to make their own Matrix: a thing called 'Machinima'. Machinima's a new form of film-making that uses computer games technology to shoot films in the virtual reality ... read more

Michael Pick - October 10, 2006

Web-based collaboration tool integrates VoIP, web conferencing and digital media support Online space to buy, sell and promote people's original creative works Mobile community that connects you to your friends and information, anytime and anywhere Sell items on your own webpage without needing visitors to leave your site Convert your ... read more


Participatory media has exploded in recent times, and moves from strength to strength almost daily, with new services arriving and evolving that make communicating easier than ever. But who owns the work you share? We are living through a huge shift away from top-down, one-way mass ... read more

Michael Pick - COA News - October 6, 2006

Web 2.0 Meets Smartmobs: Howard Rheingold Views On Web 2.0 and How Traditional Mass Media Can Adapt To The Sweeping Changes Generated by New Social Media - Exclusive Interview Howard Rheingold has been very kind in sparing some little time to share his personal views on the ... read more

Robin Good - October 4, 2006

The advent of Web 2.0 technologies, user-generated content and the increased use of delivery technologies like PDF and Flash have created a whole new category of usability and accessibility issues that challenge and clash with the design and accessibility design approaches web site designers had been ... read more

Trenton Moss - Webcredible - October 3, 2006

Social networks meet news aggregation and filtering: social collaborative newsmastering is all around us. But someone got an early view on it just before the first personal computers started to get around us. As early as 1980 Dave Andrews, an independent writer had started ... read more

David Andrews - October 2, 2006

VoIP service allows you to call international numbers at $1.00 per week plus the cost of a local call Edit your digital photos and mix music, videos, and games in 2D and 3D environments Web-based service that allows you to share documents and ideas with friends and colleagues Service ... read more


Network Collaboration is redefining the way we communicate, publish, do business and build collective knowledge, and it has been made possible with the advent of free or affordable peer to peer technologies. Peer to peer, as a term, has often been associated with online file sharing networks, ... read more

Robin Good - September 29, 2006

Online Video Advertising And Promotion: Share Your Video Online Is The Only Way To Go Online video publishing has indeed taken the Internet by storm this year, making the use of video for marketing, promotion, news and PR online a true key strategic component of any new ... read more

Robin Good - September 28, 2006

Contextual Content Distribution Gets Publishers' Content In The Right Context: Micro-Context Publishing is Here. by John Blossom While many publishers focus on search engines to get their content in the most valuable context possible that's not where issues of context begin and end for online content. A new ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - September 27, 2006

Use Skype from your mobile phone, without having to download anything on your device Record instantly from your webcam and post your recordings on blogs, in messages or comments Enhance your site performances by analyzing the behavior of your visitors Organize and track the work of your team within ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - September 24, 2006

Podcasting needs still to find its own business model. While the podcasting production tools, the distribution venues and the independent authors multiply by the minute, I yet do not see effective new business models emerging from the growing podcasting wave. Doug Smith, who is the President of ... read more

Robin Good and Douglas G. Smith - Podango - September 23, 2006

by Kathy Sierra When you want to get - and especially keep - someone's attention, what's your competition? What else could they choose to focus on at any given moment? The belief that we have 100% conscious control over what we pay attention to is a myth. ... read more

Kathy Sierra - Creating Passionate Users - September 22, 2006

by Sharon Housley SEO via RSS: RSS feeds are a great communication medium, and when properly managed, web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic. RSS feeds should contain compelling themed content with episodic titles that are united in common broad theme. Use RSS feeds as an ... read more

Sharon Housley - FeedForAll - September 19, 2006

Create your own media hosting site, or link hosted media to your pre-existing website Online tool to create, edit, publish, and show presentations Collaborate over Microsoft Word and Excel documents with others Voice messaging platform that enables you to send and receive voicemails Online and mobile community dedicated to sharing ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - September 17, 2006

A complete set of web-based applications provided by Google that you can offer to the visitors of your web site Send pictures, files or video clips to your contacts from your desktop through an avatar-based interface Web-based browser that protects your privacy on multiple fronts Online directory of web ... read more

Robin Good and Livia Iacolare - September 10, 2006

Web Accessibility Guidelines: The second version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is in final working draft and will soon be officially released. Version 1 of the guidelines came under much criticism for being vague, full of jargon and extremely difficult to use. The W3C ... read more

Trenton Moss - Webcredible - September 9, 2006

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