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April 2007

  • Online Video Publishing: Create Your Own Streaming Internet TV Channel With Streamcast Player

      Online video is moving forward from the age of YouTube and towards a richer, more immersive Internet TV experience. If you want to create your very own streaming TV channels in full-screen, rivaling the look and feel of major players like Joost (suspended), there is now...
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    Michael Pick -- April 30

    Alternative News - The Best Of Robin Good's Counter-Information Videos

      Looking for an alternative to mainstream media news? Let's face it, these days you can't be sure if what you're being fed up isn't simply serving the interests of corporate sponsors and government officials, unless you turn to the web. The problem is, in trying to...
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    Michael Pick - Robin Good -- April 29

    The Pharmaceutical Industry And The Business Of Health

      The pharmaceutical industry is driven by profits like any other business. The fundamental difference is that the vast majority of businesses do not directly impact upon our health, and the treatments we are given by our so-called health-care providers. Photo credit: Eugene Bochkarev In this short ten-point...
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    Chris Gupta - Share The Wealth -- April 28

    Information Design: Beginners Blog Design

      Today, blogs are one of the most effective and used online communication tools. Blogs help large and small companies communicate directly and transparently with their customers in a way that is direct as well as offering an exhaustion and confrontation pipe for topics ranging from politics...
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    Robin Good -- April 27

  • What Is RSS? News Syndication And Subscription Explained In Simple Words: 3' Min Video

      Want to finally find out what RSS really is without needing to read a technical treatise? Tired of feeling left out of the RSS party? Interested in spending less than 5 minutes to understand what RSS is all about, why it is so great and why...
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    Robin Good - Lee Lefever -- April 26

    Mobile Instant Messaging Meets Social Networking: Twitter - A Beginner's Guide

      Twitter has created quite a buzz for itself in the first quarter of this year- managing to combine the ease of Instant Messaging and SMS with the reach and scope of social networking services. So what's all the buzz about? Essentially Twitter gives you the chance to...
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    Michael Pick -- April 25

    Broadcast Yourself Live On The Web: Best Tools To Create Your Own Live Web TV - A Mini-Guide

      Online video continues to enjoy enormous success and is increasingly becoming a standard feature of websites and blogs. As we move towards the era of Internet TV, it gets easier and easier for everyday people to broadcast their own video shows to the world. Photo credit:...
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    Michael Pick -- April 24

    Learn How To Create, Publish And Promote Your Online Video: Make Internet TV

      Online video is a huge growth sector, and is transforming the web from a static landscape of words and still-images into a whole new world of Internet TV. But while now is a great time to make your mark in this new and exciting field, it's...
    read more | cat.: | Link Michael Pick -- April 23

    Online Collaboration Tools: Cost-Effective Solutions For Online Teachers

      Online collaboration tools and technologies are increasingly going to shape and model the communication, learning, working and social experiences we will be able to create in the near future. Photo credit: Andres Rodriguez New modes of learning, sharing and hooking up with partners, team-mates and colleagues will...
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    Robin Good -- April 22

    The US Income Tax Fraud And Other Stuff Media Will Not Tell You About: Video

      The American Constitution, the fundamental cornerstone of American society, was never meant to co-exist with the income tax system. In fact, according to film-maker Aaron Russo, to whom we have given coverage before, the "income tax" is in full breach of the US Constitution. How can...
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    Michael Pick -- April 21

    Web 2.0 Takes On Colleges And Universities: The Dawn Of Education 2.0

      Web 2.0 is changing the way colleges and universities interact with their students. Photo credit: Nikolay Okhitin In the shift from an intellectual economy of push, to one of pull, the evolving participatory media are making their impact felt . It is no longer enough to pump...
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    John Thompson - Innovate -- April 20

    Learning Paths, Collaboration Tools, Social Software: A Video Interview With Teemu Arina (Part Two)

      Teemu Arina: "Key enemies? Well, nowadays when the world is so networked and so complex I think that those people who I might think are ideologically my enemies are really also potential people to cooperate with, so there is no meaning with having a conversation with...
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    Robin Good and Teemu Arina -- April 19

    Corporate Communications: Company Websites As Conversational Marketplace Meeting Grounds

      "With the Internet each individual employee can participate in company matters, put in his pennyworth on everything, write to the President or correspond with an angered client, quite independently of her 'position', or the position of his 'cell' within the Company Chart. Photo credit: Pieter Vermeersch...
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    Robin Good - Antonio Tombolini -- April 18

    Online Collaboration For The Creative Industry - Rich-Media Annotation Is Here With Octopz

      Online collaboration tools tend to focus on the sharing of presentations and corporate communications, leaving those working in the creative industry settling for second-best. But a new tool targeting designers, photographers, marketing creatives and even film-makers is about to change all of that. Making it easy to...
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    Michael Pick -- April 17

    Enhance Your Digital Images Online While Monetizing Their Advertising Potential: BritePic

      When it comes to sharing or monetizing Internet video, there are plenty of options, but until now enhancing and monetizing the photos on your website hasn't really been possible. However, a new free service allows you to do just that - adding monetization and a list...
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    Michael Pick -- April 16

    Web Presentations And Online Slideshow Creation Tools: A Mini-Guide

      Web presentations and online slideshow creation tools are in most cases web-based services which allow you, at minimum, to upload PowerPoint presentations to the Web and make them available for others to see, and at best, to make it possible for you to create new presentations...
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    Michael Pick -- April 15

    The War On Terror And The Victory Of Spin: Believing Your Own Propaganda Is The True Weapon Of Mass Destruction

      It is hard to calculate how many times you might have encountered the phrases "war on terror", "Islamo-Fascist", "IED", "9/11", ''ground zero" and "weapons of mass destruction" in the space of your life. Repetition of buzz-words and key phrases are key to any successful propaganda campaign,...
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    Robin Good -- April 14

    Collaborative Film-Making: The Basement Tapes And The New Wave Of Online Movie Mash-Ups

      Want to see your online video mash-ups up there on the silver screen? The Basement Tapes is a collaborative documentary all about the changing face of copyright in the digital era, created by its online audience via video-sharing and remixing, an evolving online script powered by...
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    Michael Pick -- April 13

    The Future Of Learning Is Informal And Mobile: A Video Interview With Teemu Arina

      What does the future of learning look like? Thanks to my good friend and senior corporate learning researcher and independent writer Jay Cross, I have had the good fortune of meeting Teemu Arina, a young Finnish educational scholar, with lots of good ideas, a fully working...
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    Robin Good and Teemu Arina -- April 12

    Video Conversion And Encoding Tools And Services: A Mini-Guide

      If you work with video on or offline sooner or later you are going to want to convert it from one format to another, or to make sure that you encode the raw footage from your camcorder in the best possible way. Photo credit: Kiyoshi Takahase...
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    Michael Pick -- April 11

    Online Virtual Worlds: A Mini-Guide

      "A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars. This habitation usually is represented in the form of two or three-dimensional graphical representations of humanoids (or other graphical or text-based avatars)." (Source: Wikipedia) A conference held in a virtual...
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    Michael Pick -- April 10

    Online Multimedia Presentations Get Interactive: Remix Your Photos And Videos With Vuvox

      Online multimedia presentation tools are a whole new exciting niche within the Web 2.0 landscape, letting you easily take your photos and videos and create great-looking visual mash-ups from them. It's one thing to sift through a page full of uninspiring, identical thumbnails, and quite another...
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    Michael Pick -- April 9

    Web Operating Systems And Web Desktops: A Mini-Guide

      Wikipedia defines Web Operating Systems (aka WebOS) as: “A software platform that interacts with the user through a web browser and does not depend on any particular local operating system.” Web operating systems are also commonly referred to as Web desktops: "A web desktop or webtop...
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    Michael Pick -- April 8

    Pharmaceutical Fraud? Prescription for Disaster Documentary

      The US government spends billions every year to finance scientific research and yet a country like America has an epidemic of heart diseases, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders and environmental diseases which is impressive if compared to underdeveloped countries. Photo credit: Geo Martinez Why, after so many years...
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    Robin Good -- April 7

    Blog Usage Statistics And Trends: Technorati State Of The Blogosphere - Q4 2006

      In summary: The blogosphere is now 70 million weblogs wide About 120,000 new weblogs are created each day, or... 1.5 million posts per day 1.4 new blogs are created every second 17 posts are made every second Cumulative number of weblogs - Technorati Spam 3000-7000 new splogs (fake, or spam blogs) created every...
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    Robin Good - Dave Sifry - -- April 6

    Online Video Annotation Takes A Giant Leap Forward: Meet The All-New Mojiti

      Online video annotation has just taken a giant leap forward, giving you the opportunity to add subtitles, text, animated shapes and pointers, freehand text and drawings, images, webcam video and even RSS feeds directly into your web-hosted videos. Until now a range of online video annotation services...
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    Michael Pick -- April 5

    Bye-Bye PDF: The New Coming e-Book Revolution - An Interview With Antonio Tombolini

      The next ebook revolution is coming. One of the new e-ink based portable ebook readers After 15 years of associating the word e-book with some sort of PDF content designed and packaged for commercial delivery via the Internet (often with very low production quality and internal...
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    Robin Good -- April 4

    Big Bill And The Free Software Alternatives Story: Video Mashup

      Curious to learn how we got where we are in terms of personal computers and operating systems we use? This great video mashup, tells you in four-minutes, where we are coming from and what alternatives are out there, if you don't like what you see. ...
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    Michael Pick -- April 3

    Web Presentations: PowerPoint Meets Online Video Recordings With Zentation

      A brand new service gives you an easy-to-use way to synchronize your online videos with PowerPoint slideshows, sharing the results online. This simple tool makes it a piece of cake to run your Google Video content side-by-side with PowerPoint presentations uploaded to Slideshare. Your audience gets...
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    Michael Pick -- April 2

    Online Photo Editing Tools: A Mini-Guide

      Here is a fresh roundup of the most interesting photo editing tools available online. These are all web-based services which allow anyone to upload, edit and retouch digital images and photograph with maximum simplicity and great ease of use. No more need to use Photoshop unless...
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    Robin Good and Livia Iacolare -- April 1

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