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April 2006

  • New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 50

      Broadcast your personal video and audio clips on your website Browser-based image editor enables users to edit images online with no need for plugin Advertising system allows you to choose which ads you want to put onto your website Photo credit: Rakuten Conferencing software enables you to share...
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    Robin Good -- April 30

    Secure, Private File Sharing Allows You To Synchronize Files And Folders With Your Distributed Team: Syncura

      Syncura is a peer-to-peer file sharing application that enables groups of people to keep their files in synch by connecting their computers through a secure, invitation-only software. Through Syncura you are enabled to easily collaborate on documents with clients from other organizations or with colleagues on different...
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    Livia Iacolare - -- April 29

    Will Instant Messaging Replace Email As Your Communication And Messaging Platform?

      Could instant messaging become a strong contender to traditional email for text-based communications in the near future? Inside any instant messenger, just like inside my favorite e-mail application, I have a list of contacts to which I can send messages to, so why can't IM seriously consider...
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    Robin Good -- April 28

    Blog Usage Statistics And Trends: State Of The Blogosphere

      "The blogosphere continues to grow at a quickening pace." wrote, Technorati CEO Dave Sifry, almost three months ago, when his leading blog search engine, Technorati, reported to be tracking over 27.2 Million weblogs. This is why, Dave Sifry's State of the Blogosphere report, has rapidly become a...
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    Dave Sifry - Technorati -- April 27

  • Personal Knowledge Management Tools Ready For Enterprise Use

      Personal knowledge management is making strong inroads into enterprise environments where individual users can be motivated to publish quality (commercial) information effectively and with the ease that "bloggers" enjoy. Photo credit: Dusan Jankovic The recent SIIA Brown Bag Lunch Series panel on personal knowledge management highlighted tools from...
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    John Blossom - Shore -- April 26

    Broadcast Yourself Live From Your Own Web Page: Stickam Is Here

      Stickam is a new unique communication and online collaboration widget that can be embedded into any web page. It allows to publish audio and video clips, images, as well as to interact in real-time with other people via text chat and video conferencing. Completely web-based, this new,...
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    Robin Good -- April 25

    True Dangers Of Mobile Phones And Wireless Technologies

      Our society has become both socially and economically dependent, in just one short decade, upon a technology that is doing tremendous damage to the fabric of our world. The more entrenched we let ourselves become in it, the more difficult it will become to change our...
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    Sepp Hasslberger - Arthur Firstenberg - Health Supreme -- April 24

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 49

      Remote access to your PC from anywhere via mobile phone Podcast search engine allows creation and sharing of channels Server monitoring service makes it easy and free to track server status Desktop music player tracks and reports your music preferences Map creation service allows personal life events documentation Spreadsheet hosting editing...
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    Robin Good and Livia Iacolare -- April 23

    Business Blogs Good For Seniors As Personal Marketing And Visibility Enhancers: An Interview with Margaret Stead

      Blogging can prove to be an effective and highly rewarding business strategy for senior executives and retired professionals who want to keep themselves involved in their field of interest. Photo credit: Fred Goldstein Blogs can indeed be effective instruments for personal promotion, PR, networking and for showcasing one's...
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    Robin Good -- April 22

    Grassroots Collaborative Online Video Editing: TheWeblogProject Open-Source Movie Opens Up To Everyone For Remixing

      The time has finally arrived to let everyone join in to the next phase of TheWeblogProject: grassroots online video editing and remixing. If you have yet not heard about it, TheWeblogProject is my own independent, open-source online movie dedicated to evangelize and explain what blogs...
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    Robin Good -- April 21

    Search Engine Optimization More Important Than Navigation Optimization? The Experts Reply

      Is optimizing site navigation become more important than search engine optimization? Does the increased use of major search engines affect the way we should design the content and navigation of our web pages? Photo credit: Ronen Prentice Hall Professional, in an article of last October entitled "The Search...
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    Robin Good - Prentice Hall Professional -- April 20

    Digg-In-A-Box? Automatic News Filtering And Aggregation? Newsmastering Engines Keep Growing: reBlogger Is Next

      While the Wall Street Journal ponders whether bloggers can really make money or not (just like asking in the '70s whether a DJ could make money), those truly interested in developing a more comprehensive picture of the effective opportunity available to them, should look a bit...
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    Robin Good -- April 19

    Online Video Publishing Gets Into The Conversation: Click.TV

      Online video publishing it's truly unstoppable. As if the very recent announcements of video remixing and editing sites were not enough, a new highly innovative video service has just announced its ability to add some new and very significant additions to how we can watch and...
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    Robin Good -- April 18

    The Academic Search Engine From Microsoft: Windows Live Academic

      A new, Microsoft-based, online search engine focused on academic subjects is now live. Photo credit: Vladislav Gansovsky Called Windows Live Academic, it currently indexes content related to computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and related topics (with more than 6 million records from approximately 4300 journals and 2000...
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    John Blossom - Shore -- April 17

    How Advertising And Big Pharma Money Shape Your Perception Of Illness: Selling Sickness And The Art Of Disease Mongering

      "Disease mongering exploits the deepest atavistic fears of suffering and death. It is in the interests of pharmaceutical companies to extend the range of the abnormal so that the market for treatments is proportionately enlarged." Iona Heath, General Practitioner at the Caversham Practice in London Photo credit: Michael...
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    Sepp Hasslberger - Health Supreme -- April 17

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 48

      Where online collaboration starts and where individual isolated applications end is going to become a next to invisible borderline, as most applications are gradually drifting toward the integration of some form of collaborative features. Photo credit: M. Brozek Sharing, is becoming an essential asset for those who...
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    Robin Good -- April 16

    Web Design And Navigation: Where To Look For Examples? The CSS Showcase

      Web design and navigation remain in my opinion some of the key, most critical areas from which an online publisher can grow her reputation, visibility, reach and final success. Of course content must play its part too, but web-based interface design and content layout plays such...
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    Robin Good - CSS Showcase -- April 15

    Search The Web From Anywhere, Even When Disconnected: Mobile Offline Web Search Is Here With Webaroo

      Searching the web while being offline is now possible thanks to a new service that allows portable PCs and handhelds to carry within themselves a miniature copy of the web that counts for them. Mobile offline search is therefore becoming a reality as Webaroo, launched this week,...
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    John Blossom - Shore -- April 14

    Social Networking Meets Music Listening: Mercora Launches Radio 2.0

      Social networking is the ability to help to connect with friends, business partners, or other individuals using a variety of communication and social mapping tools. The more social networking systems self-embed elements and characteristics of what causes spontaneous person-to-person relationships to be born the more this...
    read more | cat.: | Link Robin Good -- April 13

    Slow Computer? Speed Up Your PC By Disabling Unnecessary Windows Services

      Having a slow computer is what most Windows users lament. Sometimes it's just a matter of outdated hardware and a few bucks for a new motherboard or an extra GB of RAM will do. But most of the time it's your Windows becoming a hog and...
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    Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer -- April 12

    What Can You Do With RSS?

      While the popularized geek use for RSS is generally considered to be exclusively limited to the realm of publishing and subscribing to news headlines and blog feeds, many other innovative and useful applications of RSS have been sprouting here and there. Photo credit: Jenny Erickson Whether it...
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    Robin Good -- April 11

    Run Windows On Mac OS: Apple Boot Camp

      Run Windows on Mac OS? Photo credit: MelaBlog As you may have heard already, just before the weekend, Apple has officially announced and released Boot Camp, a new beta software that enables Intel Macs to run Windows XP. That makes the iMac, the Mac Mini and the...
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    Robin Good -- April 10

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 47

      New media, Web 2.0, online applications, web-based services, mobile applications and online collaboration tools are all part of this new basket full of gems I have prepared for you for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic. The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most...
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    Robin Good and Livia Iacolare -- April 9

    Driving Instructions Straight To Your Mobile
      Driving instructions on your mobile phone as you drive? AOL’s MapQuest, one of the leading mapping services on the Web, is just about to launch MapQuest Navigator, a new software whose aim is to provide detailed and visually supported driving directions to mobile devices in...
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    Robin Good and Livia Iacolare [via The NewsMarket] - The NewsMarket -- April 8

    Custom Book Publishing For The Academic World: SafariU

      Custom book publishing is already a reality. The new revamped offering from O'Reilly Media shows that the educational market too is ready for disintermediating large publisher while giving in to deep customization and teacher-driven content selection. Photo credit: Andriy Doriy Custom textbook publishing is next. In this...
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    John Blossom and Robin Good - Shore -- April 7

    Video Editing, Publishing And Remixing Online Is Here

      Video editing, publishing and remixing online is now a reality. Before I could even ponder or realize the amazing opportunities that these new video editing tools were going to unleash on us, I am already surrounded by a small set of great online video services...
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    Robin Good -- April 6

    Mac Security: The Evil DRM Chip Is Bolted Inside The New Intel Macs?

      Mac security? DRM protection and trusted computing enabling chip is found to be wired inside the new Intel-based Macs while no official statement, documentation or press release tells consumers about its existence. Paolo Attivissimo reports: I have been silent, up to now, on the new Macs with Intel...
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    Paolo Attivissimo - -- April 5

    Content Syndication Marketplace Lets Publisher Decide How Their Content Is Used: Mochila Is Here

      a) a highly efficient Content Syndication and Distribution venue, c) a smart Contextual Advertising system that matches ads to high-quality content, d) an On-Demand Content marketplace for online publishers: this is what Mochila, a new publishers' marketplace, intends to offer to its multiple stakeholders. Mochila clears...
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    John Blossom and Robin Good - Shore -- April 4

    Experiential Learning Vs.Traditional Schooling: John Taylor Gatto's Educational Ideas Still Worth A Good Look?

      We live in a time of great school crisis. Our children rank at the bottom of nineteen industrial nations in reading, writing and arithmetic. At the very bottom. The world's narcotic economy is based upon our own consumption of the commodity, if we didn't buy so...
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    John Taylor Gatto - John Taylor Gatto -- April 3

    New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 46

      New media tools and services are blooming like never before. Here is a new basket full of new media gems for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic. The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have...
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    Livia Iacolare and Robin Good -- April 2

    Online TV News: New Independent World Television News Network To Launch

      "Fear runs stronger in every American newsroom — and I mean every American newsroom — now than any time that I'm aware of in my career," he said. Politicians "have learned that the press indeed can be intimidated," and corporate owners have placed profits over the...
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    Robin Good [via Rufo Guerreschi] -- April 1

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